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Doddy's Joint Cafe isn’t just all about having Great Foods, Drinks, Services, Entertainments, Ambiance, at affordable prices. But it also about Lifestyle matters

we shall provide all our customers with an unique experiences deference's from others. starting from BYO (Bring Your Own) Wine or Bottle of spirits any night and celebration.

Simple clean healthy testy foods with generous portion and affordable prices. unlike others venue we shall giving you Better quality of foods,beverages and ambiances at lowers prices. .


LOVE & SMILE | Bali Cafe

That make us different, we put forward the relationship to everyone who attended and enjoyed everything that was in Doddy's Joint. No guests, all are relatives, colleagues and friends.


is a comfortable and attractive place to meet, hang out and be with people who are there.

Food & Beverages

All using imported ingredients standard five-star restaurant with local prices


In the future, Doddy's Joint will be a kind of brand that will become a trend among the urbans.

Pizza | Bali Cafe

  • Margarita Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil


  • Tropical Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham and pineapple


  • Smoke Bbq Chicken Pizza

    Tomato sauce, chicken, Mixed Capsicums, BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and Java Red Chilli


  • Meat Lover Pizza

    Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Beef, Chicken, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Onion and BBQ Sauce


  • Doddy's Joint Pizza

    Tomato Sauce, Beef, Chicken, Ham, Mushroom, Mozzarella, Capsicum, Olive, Java Chilli


  • Chicken & Mushroom Pizza

    Tomato sauce, Mushroom, BBQ Chicken, Mozzarella and Java Chilli


  • Aussie Pizza

    Tomato Sauce, Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese, Onion, Egg and Java Chilli


Doddy's Joint Ingridients

With simple ingredients and seasonings and the choices of it materials. The main characteristic of food in Doddy's Joint is that the foods that are fresh, healthy and do not use MSG at all in it.


  • Sirloin Steak

    ( 200gr Australian )

    Serve with Chrush Potatoes and Sauteed Mixed Vegs ( Choice Sauce ) Mushroom Ragout, Peppercorn Sauce and Beef Jus


  • Pork Loin Saltimboca

    ( 200gr Australian )

    Serve with Chrush Potatoes and Sauteed Mushroom onions, shallot red chilli butter, Olive oil mixed in perfection


  • Chicken Steak

    Tandoori & Cajun Marinated Chicken Breast Serve with Sauteed Mixed Vegs, Smash Potatoes and Mushroom Ragout


  • BBQ Pork Ribs

    Serve with Oriental BBQ sauce, Crush Potatoes and Mixed Salad


  • BBQ Pork Chop

    Serve with Oriental BBQ sauce, Hand Cut Chips and Mixed Salad


  • Chicken Parmigiana

    Classic Italian Deep Fried Chicken with Layer of Tomatoes Sauce, Parma Ham, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese Mixed Leaf Salad and French Fries


  • English Sausage


    ( Choice of ) Beef and Pork Serve with Smash Potatoes, Mixed Salad and Mushroom Ragout



  • Caesar Salad

    Rommaine Lettuce, Boiled Egg, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons, Bacon or Chicken


  • Mixed Leaf Salad

    Mixed Leaf, Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese & Italian Dressing


Doddy's Joint Bali Cafe, hang Out and Life Style

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